Indien Surf Reports und Surf Forecasts

Indien Surf Reports und Surf Forecasts

About Indien

Rarely feted as a premier surf destination, but with exposure to the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal it picks up some of the same swell as Indonesia. India's many beaches and points are clustered around the south of the country and can hold excellent surf on their day. The premier season is from May through September, the pre-monsoon and monsoon season. Sometimes it will be blown out and messy but sometimes fantastic. Pollution is an increasing issue around river mouth breaks as well as access and availability of accurate maps. Sea temperatures remain steady at around 25ºC or 77ºF.

Andamanen Surf Areas
Andhra Pradesh Surf Areas
Odisha Surf Areas
Good condition to surf here Photo

Kovalam / Covelong


French surfer throwing some tail to the sky, during his heat at the All Cargo Indian Open of Surfing 2016.

The guys from the Rising Pune team. Photo

Rushikonda Beach

Accommodation near Varkala